Need help with writing?

Communication is a complex, nuanced beast. Starting with the big-picture strategy and continuing all the way to the final word, your content has potential to launch rockets or crash trains. It's a good idea to have a steady hand at the wheel.

Storyworks is copywriting, presentation development and storytelling training.

Do you need some good words? A nice piece of content? Do you need some materials that will represent you well, possibly leading to promotion and other professional successes? Whether you’re looking for a freelance copywriter or a longer-term relationship, I can do that.

Do you have a presentation coming up? Maybe it's a big one - there's a lot riding on this preso, and if you can't pull it off the consequences will leave you with your face in the cat. Speech writing, presentation development, visual storytelling - we’ve got the whole shebang covered. You’re gonna love it.

Do you have a team of capable, brilliant people who need stronger storytelling skills? I have a plan to make them better at their jobs, with a curriculum that focuses on how to create engaging stories, how to sharpen PowerPoint skills and how to refine presentation delivery. I can help.